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While teaching martial and defence skills, the Maritime Martial Arts Academy has a student Oath to be taken at the start of any testing, and intended to be kept as a guide to actions in life.

The Student Oath is as follows:

As a member of the Maritime Martial Arts Academy, I promise to obey the rules and regulations of this academy at all times.
I promise to treat each person with dignity and respect.
I promise never to fight to accomplish selfish ends.
I promise never to do anything to harm the credibility or reputation of my Academy.

It is Master Murray's philosophy that training is not about how many medals you win, but how good a person you can become. The martial arts and skills that come with their study are not seen as a method of holding power over others, but rather as a way of self improvement for the student that he or she may have confidence, and help use their skills only for good.

General Choi


Chung Ki Tae

1st generation

Grand Master Murray

2nd generation